Solar Jellyfish Lights

8 colors change continuously

Solar jellyfish light:

8 colors change continuously, giving your eyes a rich color experience.

Every color in the dark is refracted through optical fiber, which is very beautiful.

Solar charging

Solar Garden Lights:

Solar Fiber Optic Light do not work in bright environment and Solar panels absorb light in the sun during the day and can store full power in five hours. It can work continuously for 10 hours after being fully charged, giving you a long, bright and beautiful night

Wireless design

Wireless design:

The wireless design is convenient and can be moved anywhere without distance limitation.

You can decorate your lawn according to your hobbies and creativity. Don't worry that the distance is too far to charge the lights

Good decoration


  • In family dinners, parties, festivals such as Christmas and children's day,
  • Solar Fiber Optic Light can be used as environmental decorations to create a lively atmosphere and
  • beautiful environment and bring greater happiness to the game
  • $22.48
  • $39.99