i7s Mini Bluetooth Earphone

1. Drive: 15mm
2. Impedance: 32OHM
3. Bluetooth version: Bluetooth v4.1pedr
4. Bluetooth Use frequency band: 2.4GHz
5. Power level: Class II
6. Output power: 30mW
7. Bluetooth Distance: 10 meters
8. Frequency response: 20-2000 Hz
9. Operating voltage range: 3.0v-4.2V
$number Microphone Head Sensitivity: Je-42Db
11. With A2DP AVRCP high quality stereo audio transmission and Remote control protocol
12. Powerful noise elimination circuit (active reducing noise)
13. Switching between English and Chinese (not connected with Bluetooth status, press switch 2 times, to hear the prompt sound switch success)
14. Charging time of about 1 hours (Power indicator charge: red light, full power: red light off (blue light).
17. Call TIME about 4-5 hours
18 Music Time about 4-5 hours
19. Standby time is about 120 hours
20. Charging time is about 60 minutes
21. Battery Capacity 60MAH
22. Charging power: Dc5v Power "round Hole Interface" (Computer USB port, mobile charger, car charge)
23. Compatible Mobile phone: Compatible with Android, Apple, Microsoft, Symbian system 99% with Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone

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